Motion writing, legal research, court appearences document review, trial prep and other attorney work on demand

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Any lawyer worth their salt knows that two lawyers are always better than one.  If you have a solo or small, boutique law firm, an "of counsel" attorney can provide an exponential bump in value especially in complex, novel or work-intensive legal matters. Controlling the workflow of your law practice is tough--Reccius Law is able to help.  From motion writing, of Counsel, appearance attorney services, Reccius law can be that critical extra lawyer needed to dutifully represent clients.

Whether motion work or investigation; deep legal research or document review and drafting, Reccius Law helps you control your law firm’s volatile workflow and diverse client interests.

Reccius law can also be that crucial second opinion or second set of eyes on essential documents and court filings. Mr. Reccius is especially adept at "working up cases"--exposing critical gaps in the evidence as well as tapping into any and all additional sources of favorable evidence by identifying and isolating the dispositive issue(s). Reccius Law can assist on a wide variety of legal matters including general civil litigation, criminal, taxation and tax law, landlord/tenant disputes and, through its mediation service, can nip legal issues in the bud before they become complex and costly litigation. Our court appearance services stand above the rest--we cut out the middleman to lower prices and provide you with a more personal touch. 

Reccius Law is available to ease this burden by providing the necessary support at the right time. Give us a call go to our contact page today to see how you can start gaining peace of mind about your court matters, legal strategies and work product!   

NOTE:  24 Hours notice is preferred (but not required) for appearance attorney services.