Experienced California Eviction Attorneys Providing Legal Representation for Both Sides of the Unlawful Detainer Process (landlord and tenant law firm)

Whether you are a landlord evicting a tenant with a 3-day notice or a tenant putting in a 30 day notice or fighting an eviction, residential or commercial lease, the attorneys at Reccius law have the legal know-how and court experience to protect real property interests in rental units across California including apartments, condominiums and seasonal (vacation) properties.

Evictions, especially in Los Angeles where affordable housing is nearly extinct, seem to be on the rise despite evidence showing that the City of Los Angeles’ eviction rate of .58% is 1.76% under the national average. See, Eviction Lab Data and Comparison for Los Angeles and Los Angeles County; First Ever Evictions Database Shows: ‘We’re In the Middle of a Housing Crisis’ NPR’s Fresh Air, April 12, 2018.

Founding Partner Benjamin Reccius, Esq. first gained knowledge of California eviction procedures and housing litigation at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles where he assisted in the lawsuit against the Huntington Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles which resulted in a 1.5 million dollar settlement to the destitute and borderline homeless former tenants. Mr. Reccius then worked as a court-appointed mediator handling the unlawful detainer court calendar in multiple courthouses across LA County. This substantial experience armed Mr. Reccius with a thorough knowledge of California eviction law, court procedure and negotiation tactics which he now uses as an attorney to obtain dismissals for tenants, judgment for possession and (possibly) damages for landlords and ultimately a swift and just resolution to the eviction.

Eviction laws in California are very technical and unforgiving so consulting with an experienced eviction lawyer is a wise step for any tenant served with 3-day notice to pay or quit or served with a civil lawsuit to obtain possession of their home. Reccius law also provides legal advice on how to get out of lease agreements with a landlord, claw back security deposits and even (possibly) sue your landlord with an affirmative civil case for (among other legal actions) breach of the Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment, Implied Warranty of Habitability, Retaliation, Constructive Eviction, and Wrongful Eviction .

Representing tenants as well as landlords, Reccius Law has a comprehensive understanding of California eviction laws and the various local, municipal City ordinances governing their relationship.

Tenant lawsuits against landlords

Understanding that your home is the most sacred place, we fight housing cases as if your life depends on it.  Before doing criminal and cannabis law, Managing Partner Benjamin S. Reccius was first a law clerk for the Housing Litigation Unit of the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA). During his two years at LAFLA, Benjamin directly represented clients at Section 8 administrative hearings and worked with senior staff attorneys to help obtain a 1.5 million dollar settlement for the indigent, ill and wrongfully displaced former tenants of the Huntington Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Benjamin has also worked as a court-appointed mediator in unlawful detainer (eviction) cases where he has helped hundreds of landlord and tenants reach stipulated agreements before trial. Reccius law has handled numerous housing-related legal matters including those involving:

  • Security deposits

  • Relocation monies

  • Damages for unauthorized landlord entry

  • Retaliatory evictions

  • Constructive evictions

  • Landlord bad faith eviction to displace tenant

  • 30 day notices and 60 day notices

  • The Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment and Implied Warranty of Habitability in every California lease  

  • Landlord harassment 

  • Fair Housing and Employment Act ("FHEA") violations 

  • Americans with Disabilities Act violations

  • Lodgers rights

Many of these tenant protection laws come with especially stiff penalties to help curb landlord maleficence such as the security deposit statute which imposes double damages and the landlord bad faith evictions which in addition to providing costs and attorneys fees, impose treble damages in the amount lost by tenant as a result of moving. These detailed laws cover everything from disclosing the basis for splitting a shared gas line to relieving tenant of rent payment for uncured notices to correct. Tenants may also bring other civil actions against their landlord including Nuisance, the tort of Wrongful Eviction, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress (NIED) and even Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress(IIED). A court can award up to $2,000 for each retaliatory action and up to $4,000 per discriminatory act relating to protected class.

Just like its passion for criminal law and cannabis business law, Reccius Law has uncommonly deep knowledge of the law and workings of the court system.  We know the finer, more obscure points of the law to ensure that our clients are awarded the full relief they deserve. Tenant or landlord, an attorney is ready and available to talk with you about the legal situation facing your home or income property. Mr. Reccius and Mr. Cowan are also both trained in Mediation, arbitration and advanced negotiation tactics and understand the importance of a quick resolution.


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