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Understanding the stress and anxiety following arrest by police on misdemeanor or felony charge(s), Reccius Law is an aggressive criminal defense firm that will exhaust all options seeking lowering fines, avoiding jail or prison time and obtaining other relief for our clients.    

No case is complete until we have carefully combed through the supporting evidence and tested the most basic assumptions of the People's case, and may appoint private investigators, experts, and other qualified individuals. In sum, we are relentless in our pursuit of the truth and will not stop until we have fleshed out every issue in negotiating a plea deal or preparing for trial.  

Mr. Reccius has conducted preliminary hearings in cases involving burglary, chemical manufacturing and felon in possession of a firearm, and is especially adept at defending marijuana-related charges. Reccius law also handles felony and misdemeanor criminal matters including:

  • Assault and Battery

  • Burglary

  • Grand theft and petty theft

  • Receiving stolen property

  • Sex crimes

  • Drug possession/sales, transportation, trafficking

  • Insurance fraud

  • Domestic Violence

  • Vehicular manslaughter

  • Chemical manufacturing(BHO, butane honey oil labs)

To ensure thoroughness, of counsel attorneys may assist by providing second opinions on especially novel or complex matters.  Reccius law cannot guarantee any outcome, but we promise to be relentless in our research and investigatory efforts and that we will exhaust any reasonable means of achieving dismissal and other relief.


Experienced criminal defense and DUI lawyers handling cases across Los Angeles as well as California, Reccius Law has substantial experience fighting (and beating) Driving Under the Influence(DUI) charges, especially in the area of marijuana-related DUIs.  A DUI attorney (criminal defense attorney) versed in field sobriety test procedures and the fuzzy “science” behind marijuana DUIs, can—and should-- beat these bunk cases.  Reccius Law has the passion and the technical know-how to expose marijuana DUIs for the frauds they are!

Reccius Law tackles marijuana DUIs by exposing the errors and uncertainty of it’s central, fundamental methods.  Here, Mr. Reccius is an attorney as well as a scientist—using his background in biology and biopsychology (B.A. Biological Psychology, University of California, Berkeley) to go where very few lawyers go by asking experts and lab techs the tough, technical questions.  In one marijuana DUI case, Mr. Reccius obtained a dismissal because he discovered that the control “blank” sample by the State’s testing lab was positive for THC.  Left without any valid measurement, the prosecutor dismissed the driving under the influence charges and settled the matter for a simple speeding ticket.

Don’t let the system use junk science to force you into a bunk deal for a DUI conviction.  Consultations on all criminal charges (including DUI and marijuana DUI) are always free so contact us now if you have pending DUI charges, especially if you have been arrested on charges of driving while under the influence of marijuana.