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Reccius law is always on the cutting edge of cannabis law; as some of the most experienced cannabis attorneys in California, we will represent your commercial cannabis business interests as if it was our own!

California cannabis law and medical marijuana and knowing its finer points is our attorneys’ point of pride, including the complex state regulations, and local city ordinances pertaining to commercial cannabis business licenses and marijuana-related. From MAUCRSA to Prop D, Prop 215 to SB420, volatile solvent manufacturing to microbusinesses, Cannabidiol (CBD) to Ethanol, cannabis delivery and even cannabis events, Reccius law is the top cannabis attorney in Los Angeles (and greater southern California) and your one-stop shop for applying for state and local commercial cannabis licenses.

Many wonder is weed legal in California? If not, where is weed legal? The short answer is that weed is legal in California although it still remains illegal federally. Check this map of State Marijuana Laws in 2018 for a list of states who have adopted medical and/or recreational cannabis laws.

Before starting Reccius Law, Benjamin S. Reccius., Esq. was an associate at a prominent criminal defense and medicinal cannabis law firm where he defended countless individuals and businesses from felony marijuana-related charges and zoning violations related to commercial cannabis activity. Through these years of practice, Mr. Reccius gained an intimate knowledge of California's grey, semi-regulated medical cannabis market before Proposition 64 (The Adult Use of Marijuana act or "AUMA"), and California's new state and local licencing requirement including the complex regulatory scheme for cannabis-related businesses effective January 1, 2018.  [SB 94 (The Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act or "MAUCRSA")].  

Mr. Reccius has defended countless individuals and businesses from felony marijuana charges and zoning violations related to comerical cannabis activity

Reccius Law is also unique in that, unlike most attorneys and law offices representing cannabis businesses, it provides tax advice and guidance.  Senior Partner Ryan S. Cowan, Esq. has extensive government and tax experience including his time at the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS"), numerous prominent DC lobbying firms and as a tax attorney negotiating with the IRS on behalf of private clients. 
Applications for state temporary commercial cannabis licences are now available through the three state licencing agencies [Bureau of Cannabis Regulation (retail, delivery, testing, distribution) California Department of Food and Agriculture (cultivation) and Public Health(manufacturing)].  Under California's dual licensure requirement, state commercial cannabis licences are only available for businesses who have first applied for and obtained a local permit, license or other authorization from your local (city, county) government.  

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