rent control

California Statewide Rent Control Protection for Tenants Signed Into Law!

California Governor Gavin Newsome has signed into law Assembly Bill 1482, which limits California landlords from raising the rent more than 5% per year. These tenant protections a reaction to California's soaring housing costs, and are hailed as the nation's most robust tenants' rights laws. The bill does not affect jurisdictions like Los Angeles with current rent control laws that are far stricter than the new state law. Landlords are saying that the new law will have the opposite of its intended effect. Despite aiming to keep tenants in their homes, landlords say the law will displace many California renters because property owners are simply going to evict all of their "problem" tenants with 60-day and 30-day notices.

Landlord or tenant, most all Californians agree we are in a housing crisis requiring drastic measures to at least preserve the status quo and prevent the growing epidemic of landlord harassment over rent increases.