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California Weed Czar Lori Ajax Says That State Cannabis License Application Will Be Available Online Before January; Temporary Permits Available Even Sooner.

Earlier this month, KQED interviewed California Weed Czar Lori Ajax about the impending state license applications and regulation of cannabis. Click the following to download and listen to the interview:

KQED Interview w/ Lori Ajax (September 8, 2017)

One of the more noteworthy moments came when Ajax said that they are aiming to have an application online before January.  Ajax agreed that this is an "aggressive" timeline for cannabis licensing and regulation in California, but seemed upbeat and confident in its promises.  To be clear--as of the date of this blog post, there are no state licenses.  The only government authorization for marijuana is at the local levels where counties and cities across California are passing ordinances allowing for, in some locals, banning all commercial cannabis activity entirely.

Then, just a few days later, Ajax announced a temporary state licensing program for marijuana businesses during her keynote address before the California Cannabis Business Conference in Anaheim.  While application requirements appear to be minimal, they are issued with the caeviat that temporary license holders may deal in cannabis and cannabis products only with temporary license holders. Click the following to read more about it in MJBusiness Daily:

MJBusiness Daily, "California Plans to Issue Temporary Marijuana Business Licenses" (September 21, 2017)

California City (Kern County) and Port Hueneme (Ventura) are among some of the more recent additions.  Fees and requirements vary so each local's application must be carefully evaluated to properly budget time and money.  Click on the following below to see the ordinances and associated local commercial cannabis business permit and local Conditional Use Permit can be found by clicking on the following:

California City Ordinance, California City Application

Port Hueneme Ordinance, Port Hueneme Application

The long and the short of it is that now is the time to get your local authorization.  Without a local permit or other authorization you are ineligible for a state license (temporary or permanent) so this first step toward full compliance is happening now!