Don't Pay A Dime To Settle an Americans With Disabilities Act("ADA") Lawsuit Without Calling Us!!!!



Countless businesses and property owners fall victim Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA") litigation abuse every day--threatened by million dollar judgments and forced to settle claims for amounts as high as $8,000. The majority of these shakedowns masquerading as lawsuits are brought by a small group of attorneys of who have been the subject of media coverage and discipline including disbarment. See, Prolific disabled-access lawyer to be disbarred, San Diego Tribune, 

Reccius Law has defeated such ADA abuses in less than a month and without ever filing an answer. We know that swift success lies in the tiniest (and often overlooked) details; our clients don't pay a dime unless and until we exploit every pressure point.  Don't be conned! And don't settle until you've given these serial litigants a fight! 

November 2017--Motion to Dismiss GRANTED, United States District Court Central Division