California and Federal disability access lawsuit defense attorneys(Unruh, ADA)


Countless California businesses and property owners are victimized every day by frivolous disability access lawsuits under both California law (Unruh Civil Rights Act, Civil Code 51 et al.) and Federal law (Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA")). Threats of multi-million dollar civil judgments by ADA plaintiff’s lawyers often convince small business and property owners to pay upwards of $8,000 to settle these disability cases—even where the evidence is scant and there is reasonable accommodation. Often plaintiff lawyers or personal injury attorneys, the attorneys who bring ADA and other disability access lawsuits have been covered extensively by the media and even been the subject of State Bar of California discipline cases. See, Prolific disabled-access lawyer to be disbarred, San Diego Tribune.

As disability lawyers defending California businesses against these wonton abuses of Unruh, ADA and other state and federal disability access laws, Reccius Law has successfully argued for dismissal of ADA lawsuits in under two months and without ever appearing in court! California access laws for disabled persons under ADA are complex and require attorneys specializing in disability access litigation and disability access laws to ensure that defendants don’t pay a dime more than they have to. For example, there is new legislation(SB 269) which grants California small business and property owner defenants with certain new rights including applying for a stay of litigation and an Early Settlement Conference. Minium penalties (statutory damages) per violation are also cut in half (from $4,000 to $2,000) for eligible small businesses in California.

If you are a California business or property owner or just merely an individual being sued for violations of ADA and Unruh, you are in good company but need to do an attorney search and find an ADA defense lawyer. If you've been served with a civil complaint and summons for violations of ADA and Unruh, call or contact an experienced disability access attorney like Reccius Law today to get crucial information you need to protect your business and/or property.

Recent Results

November 2017—Motion to Dismiss GRANTED, United States District Court Central Division

January 2019—Settlement reached for $3,500 (Plaintiff’s original demand: $10,000), Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles