About Reccius Law...

Reccius Law was founded on the simple idea of bringing the practice of law back to its basics--rigorous investigation, preparation and dedication to being a true counselor at law.  We're here to disrupt the badly broken legal services market--to bring a personal touch and attention to detail to client representation that is sorrily lacking today. Saddened and disappointed by comparisons of lawyers to leeches, Reccius Law strives to fly in the face of negative stereotypes about attorneys.  We believe that clients are people first--living, breathing individuals with real emotions for whom a returned phone call, especially in times of stress and anxiety, can make a world difference. Whether in a court of law or a meeting with city officials, we fight fiercely and leave no stone unturned. Our pursuit of truth is relentless.  We will never leave you hanging, and will not stop until the job is done right!  

While Reccius Law's primary practice areas are criminal law, cannabis business law and licencing for marijuana-related businesses in California, it has successfully handled numerous legal matters in other areas including: 

  • Housing litigation (landlord/tenant disputes, evictions, relocation et al.)

  • Traffic tickets

  • General civil litigation

  • Business and corporate law (incorporation and organization, bylaws/operating agreements, ownership transfers)

  • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) litigation

  • Breach of contract

  • Administrative hearings (Unemployment, DMV, parking tickets etc...)

  • Federal and State income tax

  • Company funding and investment (securities under an exception to SEC registration)

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation and Arbitration)

Reccius Law's general practice covers all stages of civil litigation and has proven track record of successfully defending cases and obtaining money judgments and other valuable relief.

While Reccius Law cannot guarantee any particular outcome, we promise that we will zealously pursue and exhaust all options for relief. We take a personal interest in every matter and never leave a phone call or email unreturned.

Aside from skillful investigation, preparation and focus on strategy, what makes Reccius Law different than other law firms is its genuine care and interest in you and your case. Any lawyer who guarantees you anything should not be trusted; that said, with Reccius Law--at the bare minimum--you can rest assured that you picked the right lawyer and that we will zealously and tenaciously pursue your interests.  

Call or contact us today to see how your lawyer can be a friend and faithful guide in navigating your legal issue(s).